Inbox Zero helps you handle emails faster with AI assistance. Automate replies and answer your users in seconds. Understand what's filling up your inbox with our detailed analytics.

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Handle emails faster

Respond faster. Remove the clutter. Get your time back.

Running a small business you're constantly bombarded with the same questions. Same your time and your customers time by having our AI answer them for you.

Reply Automatically

Tell Inbox Zero how to handle your emails and it will do it for you. Automatically reply, archive, and label emails based on your instructions.

Automatically archive cold emails

Sick of cold emails? Inbox Zero can automatically archive and label them for you so they don't clog your inbox.

Explain it in plain English

Tell Inbox Zero how to handle your emails in plain English. It's as simple as writing to an assistant or ChatGPT.

Automate your inbox

Your AI assistant for email

Keep getting the same emails over and over? Someone asking about your refund policy? Someone asking about sponsorship? Someone cold emailing you?Let Inbox Zero handle it.

Auto reply
Automate what makes sense. Handle the rest yourself. You + AI is a match made in heaven.
Auto forward
Need certain emails forwarded to someone else? No problem. Inbox Zero can do that too.
Auto archive
Certain emails just don't need to hit your inbox. Label and archive them to clean up the noise. Gmail filters are great but limited. Let our AI filter the noise based on your instructions.
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Inbox Analytics

Understand your inbox

Understanding your inbox is the first step to dealing with it. Understand what is filling up your inbox. Then figure out an action plan to deal with it.

Who emails you most
Someone emailing you too much? Figure out a plan to handle this better.
Who you email most
If there's one person you're constantly speaking to is there a better way for you to speak?
What type of emails you get
Getting a lot of newsletters or cold emails? Try automatically archiving and labelling them with our AI.
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Frequently asked questions

Do you store my emails?

No. We don't store any of your emails in our database. And even better, as our code is open-source you can check our code to see this is true. For full data privacy you can self-host your own instance of Inbox Zero.

Is the code open-source?

Yes! You can see the source code in our GitHub repository.

Do you take feature requests?

Yes! Post an issue on GitHub, reach us over email, or tweet us. We're happy to hear how we can improve your email experience.

Boost your productivity.
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Inbox Zero uses AI to help you empty your inbox daily. What previously took hours, now takes minutes. Inbox Zero is your virtual assistant for emails.