Alternatives to Skiff Mail after Notion acquisition

Skiff Mail is closing down because Notion bought it. Users have six months till Skiff turns off its email service Users now need to find other email services. Let's look at some good alternatives.

Inbox Zero

Inbox Zero is an open source email app to help users reach inbox zero fast. It offers bulk email unsubscribe, AI automation, a cold email blocker, and email analytics. It's open source so you know exactly how your emails are being processed. It's a good choice if you want to keep your inbox neat.


ProtonMail is all about keeping your emails private and safe. It uses strong encryption, meaning only you and the person you're emailing can read what's sent. It's based in Switzerland, a country known for protecting people's privacy. ProtonMail is easy to use and has a free option.


Tutanota also focuses on privacy. It encrypts your whole inbox so only you can see your emails. Since it's open-source, anyone can check how secure it is. Tutanota has free and paid versions for personal use and businesses.


Fastmail is fast and helps you organize your emails better. It has a simple look and is known for being reliable. But, you have to pay to use Fastmail; there's no free version.


Hey changes how you deal with emails. It has cool features like "The Screener" to help decide if you want emails from new people. Hey makes email less messy. It's not free, though, and you need to subscribe.


Uninbox is a new player in the field. It's open source and a modern solution for teams and professionals, merging aspects of email and messaging into one platform.


With Skiff Mail closing, it's time to look at other email services. Whether you care most about keeping your emails private, being organized, or trying new things, there are good options out there. Inbox Zero, ProtonMail, Tutanota, Fastmail, Hey, and Uninbox each have something special to offer. The best one for you depends on what you need from your email service.